For the first two weeks after installation, plants should be watered every day for 10-15 minutes per area with a sprinkler or soaker hose. The weather will dictate whether more or less watering is needed. If it is hot and dry water more; if it’s cool and has rained you can skip a day. Once the plants have adapted to their new environment watering about every third day is usually sufficient. Again, weather is always a factor.

For trees please water daily for 20-30 minutes on a slow trickle for the first two weeks. Then watering can be backed off as needed.

A simple way to check if you’re watering enough is to select random spots in the landscape and scrape back the mulch to the soil and dig down about 6-8” — if the ground is moist or wet you have been watering enough if it is very muddy and soupy you are watering too much. If it is dry, you probably are not watering enough.

Every yard is different due to soil types, sun exposure, and plant material. A plant’s first indicator that they are stressed is their leaves will wilt and curl up or turn brown. This means they have been left dry too long and are very thirsty. WATER THEM NOW!

Generally, during the second season of plant growth most plants will have adapted to the environment and require less water than the first season so watering can be as infrequent as once a week or as needed.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to call and ask for help. We do not warrant or replace plants that have died due to poor watering.

There is no exact science to watering, use your best judgment.

Remember, all living things require water to survive, your plants/trees/shrubs included. It is your responsibility to water for good growth!